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Phone: 6643 0670 / 71 / 72


12 pm – 3.30 pm (Sat, Sun only), 7 pm – 1 am

183, Waterfield Road,Near National College,

Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050price : 1000-2000

Euro-Asian foodTwo massive bars Showcase of artistic talent.

A warm orange glow down the street tells you you’re approaching Zenzi, a resto-lounge bar with street-facing, low, open windows. Thai and Balinese interiors give a touch of contemporary Asian, and a mix of wooden panels, glass doors and orange hues give a warm transparency to the casual dining experience or an evening soirée. The concept of using space is remarkable unlike the boxed enclosures of most hangouts. The main area, a good size away from the entrance is air-conditioned with two huge bars. You can hop on to the bar stools for cocktails, socialise in the lounge area or have a meal amidst RnB, drum and bass, house to IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) revved up by their resident or guest DJs. Since Zenzi encourages artistic talent, you can enjoy various exhibits put up for display on the walls.

The Zenzi kitchen tantalises the taste buds with a fusion of Asian and European cuisine. Serving authentic Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, French and Italian cuisine, Chef Shahaf Shabtay has his hands quite full but he delivers with aplomb. For starters, the Zenzi Mozzarella Salad and the Honey Wasabi Prawns are a good bet. The main course has specialities like the Mushroom Mirin Risotto (Italian style rice flavoured with mirin, wok-fried mushrooms, vegetables and Parmesan cheese – Rs. 350) or the unique Zenzi Tempura (Roll of Japanese tuna and Norwegian salmon shallow fried, served with asparagus, peas, Udon noodles, wasabi and black sesame sauce – Rs. 525). Other interesting dishes are the Zenzi Wok, Osso Bucco and Korean Style Beef.
At the bar, have a go at either the Zenzitini (vodka, triple sec and fresh lime, spiked with wasabi), the Cran Mojito (Rum in muddled fresh lime, sugar, mint & topped with soda with a splash of cranberry juice) or the Black Python (Amaretto, Crème de cacao, lime juice, sugar syrup) or you’ll sure be missing out on something! Their Minty Coolers (choose between strawberry, peach and grenadine) are worth trying out, especially in this sultry weather.

This place is great in catering to every mood. Besides providing exceptional cuisine, Zenzi has taken an appreciative interest in hosting live acts and performances in music and organising various cultural events such as art exhibitions, salsa classes and poetry nights.

Seijo and the Soul Dish

Seijo and the Soul Dish
Phone: 26405555


7.00 pm – 1.30 am

Blue Water Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.,

206 Krystal, Waterfield Road,

Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050

price : 1000-2000

Casual elegant dining with a modern Asian twistPromotes percussionists and touring bandsVoted Best Asian Restaurant in Mumbai by Savvy

This modern Southeast Asian restaurant harbours two distinct zones. The restaurant area bears resemblance to an urban Japanese garden, supplemented by water bodies around it to make the ambience spiritual. The bar, on the other hand, is earthy and minimalist with lounge style comfort seating and conversational music. World Music, with a leaning towards R&B, maintains the tempo.
Seijo boasts an elaborate list of celebrity guests, from starry couples like John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, to starry filmwallahs like Karan Johar and Tushaar Kapoor.
A soothing and non-intrusive atmosphere attracts most to this urban garden.

The brunch here consists of a cold Tapas buffet with sushi, rice paper rolls and Asian salads. Warm appetisers, mostly Satays, Gyozas and Tempura are rotated on each table. The Thai curry, Chicken Otak Otak, Mandarin Chicken and Sambal Prawns top the non-vegetarian preferences. For the veggies, the Cucumber & Cheese Sushi and Exotic Mushrooms & Bell Pepper Stir Fry are recommended. There is also a live counter of either Khow Suey or Stir Fry. A well crafted menu enables you to choose from a fine selection of main courses with equal emphasis on vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.
The bar offers an interesting mix, showcasing signature cocktails with an Asian accent.The Lemongrass Mojito, Green Apple Martini, Mandarin Mojito, or Ginger and Lime Cocktail (Fresh ginger and lime muddled with mint and White Rum) will satiate that unquenchable thirst to explore the universe of alcohol.
For teetotallers, exotic fruit juices with equally rich syrups of one’s choice are offered. Banshee (Passion Fruit Juice, Sprite, fresh mint) and Bamboo Glow (banana, pineapple juice, cream of coconut) are a hit among mocktails.

Catering to a 30 plus, well-off populace, it surely is meant for the elite. A trip to this restaurant is a planned event. (And your wardrobe better befit the ambience!) A tender evening is guaranteed with succulent delicacies. Relaxed service, tranquil surroundings, pebbled waterways, deviant music and a semblance of Japanese gardens – surely recommended!

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